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An oversized spinal implant for translateral insertion into the disc space between two vertebrae a length that is greater than one half of the transverse width of the vertebrae and is greater than the depth of the vertebrae. The translateral implant of the present invention has a height that is greater than the height of the disc space between two adjacent vertebrae so as to engage both of the vertebrae. The width of the implant need be only slightly less than the depth of the vertebrae themselves. The translateral spinal fusion implant of the present invention has more surface area of contact and thus permits greater stability so as to withstand torque, and in the case of a threaded implant, increases the depth which any threads are able to penetrate the vertebrae.

Translateral spinal implant
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October 30, 1996
Publication Date
January 19, 1999
Gary Karlin Michelson
438 Sherman Canal, Venice, 90291
Amedeo Ferraro Esq
Lewis Anten Esq
A61B 17/56
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