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An electronic exercise monitor for monitoring the repetitive performance of an exercise comprises a switch having a contact member connected to a displaceable member of the exercise equipment, the switch being responsive to the reciprocal motion of a displaceable member of an exercise device to output a signal for each of a plurality of sequential exercise repetitions performed by the user on the exercise equipment, a processor for receiving the signals and determining for each a starting address at which a block of corresponding sound data is stored, a memory for storing sound data for each of the plurality of sequential exercise repetitions, the sound data preferably comprising data representing a voice count number for each repetition of an exercise, and a speech generator for generating a naturally-sounding human voice or reproducing a digitized version of an actual human voice or other audible indicia in accordance with the sound data stored in the memory. The speech generator is controlled by the processing means in response to the switch to progressively count sequential exercise repetitions performed by the user. In addition to providing a verbal count of successively performed exercise repetitions, motivational speech may also be generated to encourage correct and continued performance of the exercise.

Exercise device with audible electronic monitor
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June 5, 1997
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January 12, 1999
Arthur H Kaufman
Boca Raton
Adams & Wilks
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A63B 69/00
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