05855007 is referenced by 461 patents and cites 11 patents.

An electronic coupon communication system for generating and redeeming unique product discount coupons over public computer networks such as the Internet. The system comprises a first Internet node, an Internet coupon server and an Internet coupon notification center. The Internet coupon server generates a unique Internet coupon using a coupon generation process. The Internet coupon server accepts an on-line selection of one of the available unique Internet coupons from a user of the Internet node and transmits the coupon back to the user's printing device or e-mail storage. It then records the transaction in its coupon database and notifies the transaction to the Internet Coupon Notification Center. The Internet Coupon Notification Center subsequently records the transaction. Furthermore, a coupon redemption center can electronically verify coupon validity and record coupon redemption by communicating with the Internet Coupon Notification Center.

Electronic coupon communication system
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November 15, 1995
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December 29, 1998
Gene A Rosov
13 Chester Sq., Annisquam, 01930
Neboisa Jovicic
New Hampshire College, Box 984, 2500 N. River Rd., Manchester, 03106
Don Halgren
G06F 17/60
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