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A content server using an object database supports a network of multiple User clients. The database is loaded with virtual objects which constitute source documents in the form of a multiplicity of resource objects, which may be file-oriented objects or message-oriented objects, which enable the format of any source document to be converted to another format compatible for transport via an appropriate protocol to a requesting client User. The resource objects include a multiplicity of converter objects which are defined and placed in the database to provide format transformation from the format of the original source document content into the format required by a calling requester. The object database will be searched to find the proper converter object to transform the contents of the source document into the required format for the calling requester's facilities or for transmittal to a digital appliance in a protocol appropriate to the receiving requester or digital appliance.

Selective multiple protocol transport and dynamic format conversion in a multi-user network
Application Number
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Application Date
December 18, 1996
Publication Date
December 8, 1998
Randal Lee Guck
Dana Point
Steven R Petersen
Mark T Starr
Alfred W Kozak
Unisys Corporation
H04L 12/24
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