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To improve access to documents in a large database, such as the World Wide Web of the Internet or a group intranet, a continuously updated computer organization and display system, and a method for such an organization and display system, is provided to quickly locate desired documents without generating references to undesired documents, and to quickly allow a user to determine if any documents of interest are available. In one embodiment, such organization and display system includes data structures for storing and processing information extracted from the header lines of web pages in file systems chosen by a user. Linked lists are created in such data structures to allow rapid construction and display of an alphabetical index of keywords from such header lines, each keyword having associated with it a title extracted from the same web-page header. The alphabetical index by keywords may be displayed on a file that permits the user readily to jump to a desired location in the alphabetical index. Alternatively, the user may search the alphabetical index to find titles or keywords that correspond with an entered character string. A user may select a title in the index and view the file from which the title was extracted.

System and method for selective and continuous index generation
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October 8, 1997
Publication Date
December 8, 1998
David J Sweetser
Fort Collins
Jeffrey J Walls
Fort Collins
Hewlett Packard Company
G06F 17/30
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