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Apparatus and method are provided which determine the geometric and logical structure of a document page from its image. The document image is partitioned into regions (both text and non-text) which are then organized into related "article" groups in the correct reading order. The invention uses image-based features, text-based features, and assumptions based on knowledge of expected layout, to find the correct reading order of the text blocks on a document page. It can handle complex layouts which have multiple configurations of columns on a page and inset material (such as figures and inset text blocks). The apparatus comprises two main components, a geometric page segmentor and a logical page organizer. The geometric page segmentor partitions a binary image of a document page into fundamental units of text or non-text, and produces a list of rectangular blocks, their locations on the page in points (1/72 inch), and the locations of horizontal rule lines on the page. The logical page organizer receives a list of text region locations, rule line locations, associated ASCII text (as found from an OCR) for the text blocks, and a list of text attributes (such as face style and point size). The logical page organizer groups appropriately the components (both text and non-text) which comprise a document page, sequences them in a correct reading order and establishes the dominance pattern (e.g., find the lead article on a newspaper page).

Document page analyzer and method
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June 30, 1995
Publication Date
December 8, 1998
Mark Lipshutz
Suzanne Amy Taylor
West Chester
Steven B Samuels
Mark T Starr
John B Sowell
Unisys Corporation
G06K 9/34
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