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A data copyright management system is provided, in which a primary user edits a received data and supplies the edited data to a secondary user. The copyright management system comprises a database and a key control center, and uses a primary copyright label, a primary use permit key including a first crypt key, a secondary use permit key, a third crypt key, and a copyright management program. The primary user decrypts the copyrighted primary data, which is encrypted using the first crypt key and supplied, to plaintext using a primary use permit key obtained from the key control center and utilizes it. If the copyrighted primary data is stored in a primary user device, it is re-encrypted using the primary use permit key. The primary user receives a secondary use permit key for editing the copyrighted primary data from the key control center and edits the copyrighted primary data. The data being edited is encrypted using the secondary use permit key and is stored. When edit has been completed, the primary user receives a third crypt key for secondary exploitation right as the secondary copyright from the key control center, encrypts the edited data using the third crypt key and distributes it to the secondary user. The secondary user receives the third crypt key from the key control center and utilizes the edited data. The third crypt key may be generated by the primary user or by the key control center.

Data copyright management system
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June 3, 1996
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December 8, 1998
Shoichi Okazaki
Makoto Saito
Hecker & Harriman
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Corporation
H04L 9/00
H04L 9/08
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