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A dynamo-powered torch operative without a power supply in the form of a battery is disclosed. The dynamo-powered torch includes a cylindrical hollow body and a dynamo housed in the cylindrical hollow body. The cylindrical hollow body has a knob disposed at a rear end thereof. The knob has an axle centrally mounted on a face of the knob and a spiral power spring mounted around the axle. A clamp is mounted on the axle of the knob and driven by the spiral power spring. A gear train, which includes a first gear, a second gear, a drive shaft, a third gear and a forth gear, is provided for driving the dynamo. Two conductor strips extends from the dynamo to a bulb which is lit by current passing from the dynamo to the bulb via the conductor strips.

Dynamo-powered torch
Application Number
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September 23, 1997
Publication Date
November 24, 1998
Ming Chih Wei
No. 1-16, Pang Po, 13 Lin, Le Shan Tsun, Kuei Shan Hsing, Taipei Hsien
Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe
B60Q 1/00
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