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An insulating resin composition for the build-up of multilayer circuits by the procedure of copper foil lamination and a method for the production of a multilayer printed circuit board by the use of the insulating resin composition are disclosed. The insulating resin composition comprises at least one species of epoxy resin having a softening point of not more than 110.degree. C., a monomer or an oligomer possessing an unsaturated double bond, an epoxy resin curing agent, and a photopolymerization initiator. The insulating resin composition is applied to a printed circuit board throughout the entire area thereof so as to cover conductor patterns formed thereon and then irradiated with UV light. Subsequently a copper foil is superposed on the applied layer of the insulating resin composition on the printed circuit board by means of a heated pressure roller to effect lamination thereof. The insulating resin composition is thermally cured to give a multilayer laminate and then the outer layer copper foil of the produced multilayer laminate is selectively etched to form a prescribed conductor pattern.

Insulating resin composition for build-up by copper foil lamination and method for production of multilayer printed circuit board using the composition
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August 14, 1996
Publication Date
November 17, 1998
Eiji Takehara
Shoji Inagaki
Ronald P Kananen
Taiyo Ink Manufacturing
B44C 1/22
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