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The present invention discloses a novel system for controlling the inbound and outbound data packet flow in a computer network. By controlling the packet flow in a computer network, private networks can be secured from outside attacks in addition to controlling the flow of packets from within the private network to the outside world. A user generates a rule base which is then converted into a set of filter language instruction. Each rule in the rule base includes a source, destination, service, whether to accept or reject the packet and whether to log the event. The set of filter language instructions are installed and execute on inspection engines which are placed on computers acting as firewalls. The firewalls are positioned in the computer network such that all traffic to and from the network to be protected is forced to pass through the firewall. Thus, packets are filtered as they flow into and out of the network in accordance with the rules comprising the rule base. The inspection engine acts as a virtual packet filtering machine which determines on a packet by packet basis whether to reject or accept a packet. If a packet is rejected, it is dropped. If it is accepted, the packet may then be modified. Modification may include encryption, decryption, signature generation, signature verification or address translation. All modifications are performed in accordance with the contents of the rule base. The present invention provides additional security to a computer network by encrypting communications between two firewalls between a client and a firewall. This permits the use of insecure public networks in constructing a WAN that includes both private and public network segments, thus forming a virtual private network.

System for securing the flow of and selectively modifying packets in a computer network
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June 17, 1996
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November 10, 1998
Ehud Ben Reuven
Tel Aviv
Gil Dogon
Nir Zuk
Ramat Gan
Shlomo Kramer
Tel Aviv
Gil Shwed
Tel Aviv
Ladas & Parry
Check Point Software Technologies
G06F 15/401
G06F 13/36
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