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A surgical stapling system includes a staple cartridge having a pair of generally coextensive cartridge bodies adapted to fit within opposed jaws of a stapling instrument and one or more staples carried by a first of the cartridge bodies in opposed relation to apertures or anvils formed in a second of the cartridge bodies. The cartridge bodies are preferably and advantageously made of bioabsorbable materials so that they can be left in place within the body and so that another staple cartridge can be advanced between the opposed jaws of the stapling instrument without the need of having to withdraw the stapling instrument from the body.

Surgical stapling system and method of applying staples from multiple staple cartridges
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January 19, 1995
Publication Date
November 10, 1998
InBae Yoon
2101 Highland Ridge Dr., Phoenix, 21131
A61B 17/04
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