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When a required color image is to be output from a color image output device using an image input device for outputting color separation value signals corresponding to a read color image, if a change in image reproduction environment is detected by each of sensors provided to these devices, learning processing is properly executed. Using neural networks of a color conversion section and a color correction section which are optimized by the learning processing, a signal output from the image input device is color-converted and color-corrected. The color-corrected image signal (color separation value signals) is supplied to the color image output device to reproduce a color image. Since the learning processing is properly executed in correspondence with detection of an environmental variation by the sensors, the color image output device can stably keep reproducing the same color in consideration of the device characteristics including a physical change in temperature or humidity, and characteristics which change upon a change in color material such as inks, ribbons, or the like.

Color image reproducing system with image signal correction function
Application Number
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February 10, 1997
Publication Date
October 27, 1998
Yoshiki Nakano
Ladas & Parry
Toyo Ink Manufacturing
G06K 9/00
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