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X-ray images are displayed at both high-resolution and high-illumination with annotation superimposed in registration therewith to point out suspected abnormalities identified through a process in which the x-ray images are digitized and the digitized information is subjected to feature extraction processing. For example, the x-ray images are displayed at high resolution and high illumination in the form of x-ray film images displayed on a light box while the annotation information is selectively superimposed on the same image by a separate imaging system co-acting with the light box. In this manner, the radiologist can view either the x-ray film alone, in the conventional manner, or the same x-ray film, at the same position and at the same high resolution and at the same or substantially the same illumination level but with annotation information superimposed and in registration therewith. In addition, alternative ways are disclosed for displaying the high resolution x-ray image and for selectively superimposing the annotation information thereon.

Computer-aided diagnosis system and method
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December 28, 1995
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October 27, 1998
Shih Ping Wang
409 Becker La., Los Altos, 94022
Cooper & Dunham
A61B 6/12
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