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A method and system for a health network comprising a facility, operated by a party other than the patient or health care provider, for collecting and routing information pertaining to the health care of a patient to the patient and the health care provider. The health network utilizes two-way communication between the patient and the facility, and the health care provider and the facility. In one embodiment, the facility receives treatment instructions from the health care provider that are specifically developed for each patient. Algorithms are developed based on such instructions. The algorithms are then programmed into an appropriately configured message device in the possession of the patient. The patient is prompted by the message device to measure and enter relevant physiological data, e.g., peak flow, etc., as dictated by the treatment instructions. Based on the measured physiological data and the algorithm, messages are displayed on the message device advising the patient of a specific course of treatment, e.g., to administer medicine, to call the health care provider, to go to the emergency room, etc., or, alternatively, such messages can provide more general information related to the patient's current health status. These results can be transmitted to the facility and the health care provider. The algorithm can be modified, as appropriate, to reflect changes in the treatment plan.

Method and apparatus for a personal health network
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November 26, 1997
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October 27, 1998
David F Goodman
San Francisco
Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe
LifeMasters Supported SelfCare
A61N 5/04
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