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The method of the present invention involves a card game in which at least two rows of cards, and preferably three rows, are dealt to a player. The player makes a wager for each row of cards. One row of five cards are dealt all face up. The player selects none, one or more of the face up cards from the first row as cards to be held. The cards that are held are duplicated from the first row into all of the other rows. Replacement cards for the non-selected cards are dealt into the first row. Additional cards are also dealt to all of the other rows so that each row is a five card hand. The poker hand ranking of each five card hand by row is determined. The player is then paid for any winning poker hands based on a pay table and the amount of the player's wager.

Method of playing electronic video poker games
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July 25, 1997
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October 20, 1998
Ernest W Moody
4381 Pebble Beach Dr., Niwot, 80503
John Edward Roethel
A63F 1/00
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