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A heat and fire resistant respiratory filtration mask is specially adapted for protecting firefighters in wildland/brush fire environments. The mask is fabricated of heat and fire resistant material and includes facilitated fasteners for attachment to the head and face of the user. A respiratory filtration pocket is provided for accommodation of a respiratory filtration element such as a fiber filter. The pocket has a closable slit for accessing the filter for removal and replacement. The mask includes openings for exhalation valves of filtration elements and openings for ventilation through the nose and mouth of the wearer. Alternatively, inhalation and exhalation orifices are provided to accommodate a canister-type filter, with a filter cartridge of the canister-type filter also functioning as a fastener to the mask. In a preferred embodiment the mask is elongated to provide heat and flame protection to the neck as well as the entire facial area below the eyes.

Heat and fire resistant respiratory filtration mask
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May 12, 1997
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October 20, 1998
Bert Rivera
1135 Wilcox Ave., Monterey Park, 91755
Cordell Frank Harges Jr
12629 Loma Verde Dr., Victorville, 92392
Rothwell Figg Ernst & Kurz P C
A62B 23/02
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A62B 18/08
A62B 7/10
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