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A sensor system that detects a current representative of a compound in a liquid mixture features a two-electrode strip adapted for releasable attachment to signal readout circuitry. The strip comprises an elongated support (preferably flat) adapted for releasable attachment to the readout circuitry; a first conductor and a second conductor each extend along the support and comprise means for connection to the circuitry. An active electrode, positioned to contact the liquid mixture and the first conductor, comprises a single layer deposit of an enzyme capable of catalyzing a reaction involving the compound, a conductive material and an electron mediator, capable of transferring electrons between the enzyme-catalyzed reaction and the first conductor. A reference electrode is positioned to contact the mixture and the second conductor. The system includes circuitry adapted to provide an electrical signal representative of the current. The two-electrode strip is manufactured, e.g., by screen printing an admixture of an enzyme, a conductive material, and a mediator as a single layer onto the substrate.

Strip electrode with screen printing
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June 6, 1995
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October 13, 1998
Graham Davis
1504 Fox Run Dr., Plainsborough, 08536
James Michael McCann
4 Ash Grove, Headington, Oxford
Irving John Higgins
Cotswold, Graze Hill, Ravensden, Bedford MK44 2TM
Hugh Allen Oliver Hill
Nine Clover Close, Oxford OX2 9JH
A61B 5/05
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