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Folding knives having a longitudinal sheath handle with a channelled body portion into and out of which a blade pivots about an axis normal to a common plane of the handle and blade between a sheathed position within the handle through an arc to a use position external of the handle and a lock to automatically lock the blade in such use position upon completion of the unsheathing movement, which lock is manipulated for manual return of the blade from its use position to its sheathed position are improved by addition of a double action feature provided by an actuator unit that is cocked by manual rotation of the blade from the use position back into the sheathed position and a trigger to uncock the actuator unit for automatic quick forced rotation of the blade from its sheathed position all the way to its use position.

Double action folding knife
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December 19, 1997
Publication Date
October 13, 1998
Anthony L Marifone
1736 17th Pl. SW., Vero Beach, 32962
Carroll F Palmer
B26B 1/04
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