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A linear motion electric power generator for generating electric current from work done by an intermittent force. A moving magnet is confined so that it can move with bi-directional linear, or approximately linear, motion through each of at least two coils. The coils are spaced apart from each other and connected electrically so that current produced in a first coil as a result of movement of the moving magnet is substantially in phase with current produced in said second coil. Preferred embodiments are described for providing electric power generation from extremely lower power mechanical forces. Embodiments of the invention are useful for providing power for long life flashlights, for alarm systems and for communication devices located at places where conventional electric power sources are unavailable. Another preferred embodiment is a low profile unit which derives its mechanical from repetitive forces such as the forces on the heel of a shoe during walking or running.

Linear motion electric power generator
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January 13, 1997
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October 6, 1998
John A Konotchick
3116 Mercer La., San Diego, 92122
John R Ross III
John R Ross
H02K 35/02
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