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A new Hypothermic Envelope and Apparatus for Providing Cooled Air Thereto for the emergency medical treatment of accident and other trauma victims whereby the victim's body temperature is lowered to induce a state of controlled hypothermia in order to slow the victim's body metabolism and thereby decrease the adverse effects of the victim's injuries. The inventive device includes coextensive top and bottom portion, the top portion and the bottom portion being sealingly connectable at their peripheries and forming an envelope therebetween and a microcontroller operably connected to a fan motor for producing a burst of cool air by means of passing air over a refrigerant's cooling coil and thereby providing a controlled amount of cool air to the envelope.

Hypothermic envelope and apparatus for providing cooled air thereto
Application Number
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June 5, 1997
Publication Date
October 6, 1998
Suzanne M Wolf
Rd. #1 Box 133, Eldred, 16731
A61F 7/00
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