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Integral conduits to disburse fluids along their length, fabricated out of two materials, and a method for manufacturing such structures with permeable wall parts; characterized by extruding a profile of thermoplastic material with a lengthwise extended slitted wall (10), and where this longitudinal slit is being outfitted with a permeable material consisting of one or more layers of fabric (12, 13, 13A, 13B, 14); the sides of the fabric strips being imbedded and sandwiched in the thermoplastic wall of the conduit, lengthwise along both sides of the slit; resulting in a hollow conduit with a lengthwise extended permeable wall section. Additionally, predetermined sections of the permeable fabric can be coated to block fluid emission from these selected sections (17, 19, 21). Fabrics of varying porosity are used to control emission of fluid. A longitudinal reinforcing element (23) may be captured within the structure (24) for securement purposes.

Permeable conduits for disbursing fluids
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September 30, 1996
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October 6, 1998
Charles H Cordewener
117 E. Louisa St. B 385, Seattle, 98102
Robert A Jensen
E02B 11/00
E02B 13/00
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