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The Invention relates to a construction including an implement for milking animals, such as cows, provided with a milk box (2). In the milk box (2) the floor (15) is designed as a flexible conveyer (16), below which there is disposed a flexible floor (31) supported against a metal plate (33). The floor (31), provided with recesses (32) at the underside, is relatively flexible. In the milk box (2) there is furthermore provided a trough (14) including a mixing device, by means of which a lure substance, such as treacle, can be added to the concentrate. Moreover, the milk box (2) is provided with a medical instrumenl (36), by means of which the blood pressure, the heartbeat, the temperature, etc. of an animal in the mild box (2) can be determined. In addition, the milk box (2) is provided with a sensor, by means of which the physical state of the animal's legs can be determined.

Apparatus for milking animals
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October 24, 1996
Publication Date
October 6, 1998
Cornelis van der Lely
7 Bruschenrain, CH-6300 Zug
Penrose Lucas Albright
A01J 5/00
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