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A brick veneer anchor for use in the construction of wall structures is described. The anchor has an L-shaped plate for attachment to a dry wall installation. The L-shaped plate attaches to the outer surface of the inner wythe and has a portion thereof extending beyond an insulative layer into and terminating within the cavity between the inner and outer wythes. An elongated slot in the dry wall anchor accepts a bent stay with one end interlocking with the elongated slot portion and the other end embedded within the outer wythe. The bent stay has a T-head portion with a length greater than the longitudinal axis of the slot. The bent stay also has a neck portion attached to T-head portion which forms shoulders on either side of the T-head portion. The dry wall anchor, upon attachment to the inner wythe, has one end of the bent stay inserted into the elongated slot and the other end of the bent stay embedded in the outer wythe. Then, the bent stay and the dry wall anchor are positively interlocked the one to the other and forms a wall structure resistant to seismic forces.

T-head, brick veneer anchor
Application Number
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June 2, 1997
Publication Date
October 6, 1998
Ronald P Hohmann
Siegmar Silber
Hohmann & Barnard
E04B 1/38
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