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A folding knife having a blade pivot connecting a blade to a handle for pivotal movement between an extended position outside of the blade cavity and a retracted position substantially within the blade cavity. A spring biased plunger having a first end and second end opposite the first end is provided, and the first end of the plunger includes a pivotal connector pivotally connecting the plunger to the handle within the blade cavity. The second end of the plunger is pivotally connected to the blade for orbital movement about the blade pivot as the blade moves between the retracted and extended positions. A pivotable locking member is connected to the handle for selectively locking the blade in the extended position. Further, an engagement portion is provided for opening the blade using a downward motion.

Folding knife with actuatable safety locking mechanism
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January 11, 1996
Publication Date
October 6, 1998
Walter W Collins
P.O. Box 100, 4651 Savannah Hwy., North, 29112
Leatherwood Walker Todd & Mann P C
B26B 1/04
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