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In a distributed computing environment, in which a client needing to access a server is issued, by a security server, with a ticket including an encoded certificate identifying, when decoded, the identity and privilege attributes of the client in a format understood by a server within the environment, access to a resource external to the environment through such a server within the environment is provided, when a request involving such access is received by the security server, by issuing an extended certificate including additional data which can be decoded to provide information decoded as to the identity and privilege attributes of the client with respect to and in a format acceptable to the external server, the additional data being recognized and decodable and formatable by that server within the environment which provides access to the external server, but transmitted within the environment in a format compatible with the certificates in regular tickets. A security server issuing a ticket including such an extended privilege attribute certificate has a registry extended to include data as to a client's privilege attributes with respect to accessible external servers, together with data as to the structure in which such data is to be presented, and an application server required to handle such extended certificates has attribute handlers to structure the decoded data for presentation to the external server.

Provision of secure access to external resources from a distributed computing environment
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November 28, 1995
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September 29, 1998
Michael S Fortinsky
Ronald L Drumheller
Douglas W Cameron
International Business Machines Corporation
H04L 9/00
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