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The present invention relates to the packaging of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronic modules and equipment for use in harsh military or commercial environments. The ruggedized container of this invention is a light-weight container weighing less than half of the weight of commercially available containers having similar functionalities and which is intended for use in similar harsh environments. The reduced weight and size of the ruggedized container of this invention are consistent with size and/or weight critical applications such as transport of portable flight line testers, submarines, space craft, air craft, and the like. The ruggedized container of this invention, comprises five major components: a transit case, a card cage, a vibration isolator assembly, cooling system, and power supply. Each element of the chassis is individually enhanced for size and weight. As a result, the combination of components is integrated to provide the characteristics such as light-weight and compactness, and the functionalities required by the harsh environments associated with particular military and commercial applications at a weight of substantially less than that of current commercially available containers.

Ruggedized container system and method
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September 9, 1996
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September 15, 1998
Anthony W Porter
Spring Valley
Frederick J Zustak
Neil D Greenstein
GDE Systems
H05R 5/02
H05R 7/20
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