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The implantable stimulator in accordance with the principles of the present invention utilizes a high value, small sized capacitor having at least a capacitive rating of 0.1 farads which is completely contained within the implantable stimulator. This high value, small size capacitor or series of capacitors enables the implantable stimulator to deliver, on a controlled and continual basis, electric stimulation pulses to targeted tissues over at least an 8 hour period. Further, the capacitive power source is replenished via an external, RF coupled device on a daily or other long term periodic basis. During the replenishing cycle, the energy contained in the battery of the external transmitter is transferred to the internal capacitive power source in the implantable stimulator. The method includes providing, on an exclusive basis, power to an implantable stimulator via a high value capacitive source during at least an 8 hour cycle of substantially continual delivery of electric stimulation pulses to targeted tissue. The method includes incorporating and containing a capacitive device in the implantable stimulator wherein the capacitive device has a capacitive rating of at least 0.1 farads. The capacitive device captures and stores a pre-determined amount of coulombs of electrical energy. This electrical energy is utilized to power the implantable stimulator during at least an 8 hour cycle during substantial continual delivery of electric stimulation pulses, all based upon energy stored by the capacitive device. Longer cycles (exceeding 24 hours) may be possible. The replenishment unit can be programmed to interrogate the implant and reprogram the implant upon detection of a lower power status signal. Also, automatic as well as manually commanded replenishment routines are established between the replenishment unit and the implant. Data transmission, error detection routines are established for the programming of the implant.

Implantable stimulator with replenishable, high value capacitive power source and method therefor
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August 1, 1996
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September 15, 1998
Francisco J Barreras
Robert C Kain Jr
A61N 1/18
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