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An improved beacon light utilizing a plurality of LEDs. The light has a beacon portion wherein a plurality of individual LEDs are mounted on circuit boards attached together to form a substantially omnidirectional array of LEDs. The beacon portion may be constructed of upper and lower flat circular circuit boards, and a middle tubular circuit board to define a hollow cylinder. The middle circuit board is made of originally flat thin rigid circuit board material bent into a tube and attached at each free end. The middle circuit board is attached to the upper and lower rigid circuit boards using tangs extending from the middle circuit board. LEDs extend upward from the top circuit board, radially outward from the middle circuit board, and at a downward outwardly directed angle from the bottom circuit board. A base portion attached to the lower circuit board may be provided with a conventional male electrical socket member. In alternative forms, the beacon light may be spherically or conically shaped. Vent holes in the rigid circuit boards are provided for heat-dissipation. A voltage doubling circuit supplies power to the individual LEDs interconnected in both series and parallel for durability. A dome-like cover may be provided to protect the LEDs or to protect the user from injury.

LED beacon light
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January 27, 1997
Publication Date
September 15, 1998
Raymond E Deese
Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear
R&M Deese
F21V 21/00
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