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This invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for the protection and prevention of skin damage to a patient resulting from exposure to sunlight having at least one antioxidant component in an amount sufficient to inhibit the formation of free radicals; at least one anti-inflammatory component in an amount sufficient to substantially inhibit the inflammation associated with exposure to sunlight; and at least one immunity boosting component to enhance the patient's immune response. In a preferred form, the composition also includes a cysteine component, a magnesium component, a manganese component, a copper component, a selenium component, and a carotenoid component. In a more preferred form the invention also includes wild yam root, wild yam extract, yellow dock, bupleurum, poria cocos, gentian root, myrrh gum, hawthorn berry extract, and rosemary extract. The invention also relates to a method for protecting skin from damage caused by exposure to sunlight by administering the pharmaceutical composition in an amount therapeutically effective in increasing the sun protection factor of the skin.

Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for protecting and treating sun damaged skin
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January 29, 1997
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September 8, 1998
Howard Murad
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