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A Computer Aided Routing and Positioning System (CARPS) determines a route along selected waypoints that include a travel origin and a travel destination and intermediate waypoints therebetween. The selected waypoints may be uploaded to or downloaded from various geocoding devices that utilize the Global Positioning System (GPS). A CARPS database incorporates travel information selected from a range of multimedia sources about the transportation routes, waypoints, and geographically locatable points of interest (POIs) selected by the user along the travel route. The CARPS software permits user selection of specified POI types within a user-defined region of interest and user selection of particular POIs from the selected types within the region of interest. The transportation routes, waypoints, POIs and region of interest are identifiable in the computer by coordinate locations of a selected geographical coordinate system. The CARPS software is constructed to present a user-customized travelog for preview on the computer display of the user-defined travel route. The travel planner can preview on the computer display a multimedia travelog particularly customized for the user-defined travel route including multimedia information on the transportation routes, waypoints, and POIs selected by the user. The user can engage in an iterative trip planning process of revising the route and previewing travelogs of revised travel routes until a satisfactory travel route is determined. Hardcopies of customized travel maps of the user-defined travel route can be used in conjunction with a GPS device which has been uploaded with selected waypoint data.

Computer aided routing and positioning system
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June 11, 1996
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September 1, 1998
Keith A Gray
David M DeLorme
Thomas L Bohan
Chris A Caseiro
DeLorme Publishing Company
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