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Apparatus and methods are provided for implementing an interactive program guide on an information network. A plurality of database pages are communicated over the information network. Each page corresponds to a time slot over which events are available on the network. Schedule data for each event to be included in the interactive guide is inserted into the database page for the time slot during which the event is to be provided. The database pages are transmitted via the information network at a transmission rate selected to enable the recovery of a particular database page within a predetermined acquisition time limit, for retrieval of schedule data for the time represented by that page. Schedule information for a current time period can be provided in a trickle data stream with future scheduling information provided in a demand data stream. The demand data stream is transmitted at a substantially higher rate than the trickle data stream. Data from the trickle stream is downloaded into memory at the decoder for instantaneous display. Data from the demand data stream is accessible on an as needed basis by retrieving only that data necessary for the display of scheduling information for a desired time slot.

Method and apparatus for providing an interactive guide to events available on an information network
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August 11, 1995
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September 1, 1998
Zicheng Guo
San Diego
Mark K Eyer
San Diego
Ralph F Hoppin
Barry R Lipsitz
General Instrument Corporation of Delaware
H04N 7/087
H04N 7/084
H04N 7/08
H04N 7/14
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