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An intravascularly deployable device in the nature of a filter for collecting intravascular debris includes a filter or collector body expandable from a collapsed insertion configuration to an expanded use configuration. The use configuration of the filter body tapers down from a maximum cross-sectional area to a minimal cross-sectional area at a downstream end of the filter body. The filter body is provided at the downstream end with an access port so that the instrument can traverse the access port to remove debris from the filter body after disposition of the intravascularly deployable device inside a blood vessel of a patient. The access port takes the form of a sleeve or chimney which is beveled to taper down from a maximal transverse dimension at an upstream end to a minimal transverse dimension at a downstream end. The beveled or tapered sleeve is especially useful in locating or guiding the distal end of the debris removal instrument onto the downstream end of the filter body during a shifting of the instrument in the upstream direction towards the filter body.

Intravascular filter and associated methodology
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March 5, 1997
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September 1, 1998
Gary A Gelbfish
2502 Avenue I, Brooklyn, 11210
Henry D Coleman
R Neil Sudol
A61B 17/22
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