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A combined tissue clamping and suturing instrument includes a pair of opposed jaws selectively actuated by operation of a handle portion, a hollow suture needle mounted on a first of the jaws and provided with a slot, and a length of suture material extending through the hollow needle. A groove is preferably formed on a peripheral side wall of the first jaw so that a portion of the suture material can be disposed within the groove and, when provided, the groove preferably communicates with a first open end of the hollow suture needle. The slot and groove each have a width to prevent the suture material from inadvertently falling out while permitting deliberate removal of the suture material via the slot or groove by application of force so that suturing of anatomical tissue can be performed with tissue held between jaws of the instrument. In a preferred embodiment, an opening is formed in the second jaw in opposed relation to the hollow suture needle such that, when the jaws are closed, the hollow suture needle will protrude from the opening and suture material disposed in the needle can be grasped. In other embodiments, a plurality of solid or hollow suture needles are longitudinally and/or laterally spaced on a jaw to carry plural lengths of suture material through anatomical tissue to be sutured in a single operation. A blade can optionally be advanced along a cutting channel formed in the jaw to cut anatomical tissue between the jaws.

Combined tissue clamping and suturing instrument
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September 22, 1995
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August 25, 1998
InBae Yoon
2101 Highland Ridge Dr., Phoenix, 21131
A61B 17/04
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