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Casing is installed in a well in a folded collapsed condition by uncoiling it from a reel. Two strings of tubing extend continuously through the collapsed casing. One of the strings of tubing is connected to a cement shoe at the lower end of the casing. An opening tool is located above the cement shoe and includes a piston. The other string of tubing extends to a pressure chamber that is between the piston and the cement shoe. After the casing is lowered with a running tool to the desired depth, cement is pumped down the first string of tubing, which flows back up the annulus surrounding the casing. A liquid is then pumped down the second string of tubing into the pressure chamber, causing the piston to push the opening head upward relative to the casing and the strings of tubing. The forming head opens the casing from the collapsed condition into a cylindrical configuration. The running tool retrieves the strings of tubing, opening tool and piston at the conclusion of the opening process.

Method for casing a wellbore
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August 16, 1996
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August 18, 1998
Philippe C Nobileau
#4-40 ch du Vinaigrier Villefranche - Corne d'Or, 06300 Nice
James E Bradley
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