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A brewing head includes a lower brewing head part having a first recess and a coffee discharge conduit formed therein. An upper brewing head part has a second recess and a hot water conduit formed therein. The upper brewing head part is pivotable to a closed position in which the first recess and the second recess form a receptacle that receives a coffee portion capsule. A plurality of hollow needles are attached to the upper brewing head part, and are in fluid communication with the hot water conduit. The needles project into the receptacle and are penetratable into a top side of the coffee portion capsule for delivering hot water from the hot water conduit into an interior of the coffee portion capsule when the upper brewing head part is in the closed position. A pyramid plate is located within the first recess and has a plurality of projections formed thereon, and a plurality of discharge holes formed therethrough that communicate the receptacle with the coffee discharge conduit. The projections punch holes through a lower side of the coffee portion capsule, so that the hot water together with dissolved coffee components are discharged through the discharge holes and the coffee discharge conduit, respectively. An ejector device is located within the upper brewing head part for ejecting a used coffee portion capsule.

Brewing head for coffee portion capsules of an espresso machine
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July 12, 1996
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August 18, 1998
Daniel Fischer
Spencer & Frank
Eugster Frismag
A47J 31/06
A47J 31/40
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