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A system for providing an interactive response to direct mail programs comprises a recipient database, a mail generator, and a web server computer operationally connected through the Internet to remote computers accessible by direct mail recipients. The recipient database stores data records containing addressing information such as the name, mail, fax or e-mail address, and a unique personal identification code for each direct mail recipient. The mail generator retrieves recipient data from the database and generates a multiplicity of direct mail pieces each displaying the name, address, and a uniform resource locator containing the personal identification code for one recipient. A responding recipient accesses the web server computer by entering the uniform resource locator displayed on the direct mail piece into a web browser on a remote computer. The web server computer retrieves recipient data from the recipient database correlated to the personal identification code contained in the uniform resource locator and uses this recipient data to create a unique interactive web page.

System and method providing an interactive response to direct mail by creating personalized web page based on URL provided on mail piece
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May 3, 1996
Publication Date
August 11, 1998
Terence Martin Shane
North York
Bereskin & Parr
Westminster International Computers
G06F 15/16
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