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An apparatus and method are provided for enclosing a non-sterile camera setup comprising a video camera, its trailing cables, and a standard optical connector for use of the unsterile camera setup in the sterile environment of an operating room. The apparatus includes a coupler having a first end for attachment to the unsterile camera setup and a second end for attachment to a sterile endoscope. A passageway is formed inside the coupler that extends from the first end to the second end thereof providing an optical pathway whereby an image from the endoscope may be transmitted to the unsterile camera setup. A transparent window is mounted transversely across the passageway between the first and second ends of the coupler providing a sterile barrier therebetween. In operation, a sterile drape is positioned over the first end of the coupler and extends over the unsterile camera setup. The sterile drape is secured between the first and second ends of the coupler by a locking ring which secures the distal end of the drape so that a fluid and airtight seal is formed therebetween. A sterile disposable wand may be releasably attached to the second end of the coupler for providing support to the unsterile camera setup as it is attached to the coupler. The wand may then be detached enabling connection of the sterile endoscope to the second end of the coupler.

Sterile surgical coupler and drape
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March 4, 1996
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August 11, 1998
Edwin L Adair
317 Paragon Way, Castle Pines Village, 80104
Fields and Johnson P C
A61B 19/00
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