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A distributed computing system comprising a plurality of computer hosts, a communication network for exchanging information and data between the computer hosts, and a plurality of services, including software-based services, distributed throughout the computing system is disclosed. Each of the services within the present distributed computing system, including some basic system-services are adapted to perform prescribed functions in response to the receipt of an electronic message. The disclosed distributed computing system also includes a plurality of intelligent agents executing on the computer hosts and associated with one or more of the services, wherein an agent exercises control of an associated service by manipulating the electronic messages directed to and originating from the associated service. In addition, the services are adapted to cooperatively perform various tasks by exchanging electronic messages across the communication network via their associated agents.

Method and architecture for the creation, control and deployment of services within a distributed computer environment
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August 2, 1996
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August 4, 1998
Larry Suarez
240 Hillcrest Ct., Pleasant Hill, 94523
Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery
G06F 13/00
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