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A betting apparatus incorporated into a game of chance enabling a player to make a side bet. A chip receptacle is provided at each player's location of a blackjack table for accepting the side bet. A player's key operated display selects a predetermined number of consecutive wins. A microprocessor cooperating with a sensor identifies the denomination of one or more chips placed in the chip receptacle and, together with a number of consecutive wins selected by the player, displays a payoff amount for a selected number of consecutive wins. The hands are played following conventional rules. The betting receptacle cover seals the chips after completion of a betting phase, under control of the dealer, and signals the beginning of a new game. Each player's location is provided with a Loss button, operated by the dealer when a player loses. A Push button may be provided for each player position when that player has a hand equal in value to a dealer's hand to indicate a tie. The microprocessor adds one to the consecutive win count display when a player wins a game, each time the dealer's game button is operated. When the number of consecutive wins displayed equals the number of consecutive wins selected, an audio/visual alarm indicates a win. Other embodiments incorporate the betting apparatus in all casino games, including table games, slot machines and video games. The chip receptacle may be substituted by a coin receptacle in slot machine and video games.

Method and apparatus for playing a betting game including incorporating side betting which may be selected by a game player
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September 22, 1995
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August 4, 1998
Richard B Hanbicki
Three Bridges
Marvin A Ornstein
Ocean Springs
Louis Weinstein
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