05787630 is referenced by 50 patents and cites 30 patents.

An improved ring mount for mounting scopes and similar devices to firearms, comprising a vertically split mount having an upper ring portion, a lower mounting portion which can be drawn together for a transverse clamping action on a scope base, each clamping half comprising an integral, identical half. Draw bolts on the lower mounting portion are used to pull the clamping halves together in a pivoting motion from the top to the bottom of the ring mount which firmly clamps the scope in the ring portion prior to the lower mounting portion being lockingly clamped to the scope base. In a preferred form the ring mount is formed as a continuously extruded half with built in multiple height adjustments in the lower mounting portion, allowing the user to cut the extrusion into virtually any combination of lengths, ring spacings, height options. In a most preferred form the ring mount has two or more ring portions extending from an integral lower mounting portion, such that two identical halves can be fastened together to form an integral ring set.

Scope mounting ring system
Application Number
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Application Date
April 1, 1996
Publication Date
August 4, 1998
Phillip C Martel
43551 Applewood, Canton, 48188
Young & Basile P C
F41G 1/387
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