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An optical device for reading one- and two-dimensional symbologies at variable depths of field, the device including a light source for projecting an emitted light towards the two-dimensional image and an optical assembly, or zoom lens, with dual field of view capability for focusing light reflected from the framed symbology onto a CCD detector for detecting the focussed light and generating a signal therefrom. The dual field of view capability enables scanning of both wide and narrow fields of view. An apodizing filter is provided within the optical assembly to increase depth of field. Aiming of the sensor to read the symbology is facilitated by a frame locator including a laser diode which emits a beam that is modified by optics, including diffractive optics, to divide the beam into beamlets having a spacing therebetween that expands to match the dimensions of the field of view of the sensor, forming points of light at the target to define the edges of the field of view. One or two sets of diffractive optics may be provided, with one set corresponding to each position, for each of the dual field of view positions of the zoom lens.

Optical scanner for reading and decoding one- and two-dimensional symbologies at variable depths of field
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December 8, 1995
Publication Date
July 28, 1998
Donald Fisher
Valley Center
Alexander R Roustaei
La Jolla
Brown Martin Haller & McClain
Symbol Technologies
G06K 7/10
G02B 26/08
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