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Micro-mechanical flappers for use as an electronic display technology and methods related to the fabrication thereof are disclosed. These methods are consistent with standard silicon based semiconductor processing used to make integrated circuits. One embodiment shows how cross-talk or flapper-to-flapper interference is minimized using a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to compensate for this undesirable effect. Also disclosed is the construction of a micro-mechanical flapper that uses a combination of two springs, viz. a leaf spring and a torsion spring, to reduce maximum bending stress and to lower operating voltage. Also, the spring construction is made such that axial stability is improved over a single leaf spring approach and a light shield is integrated onto the flapper assembly so that the overhead stationary electrode is simply a supporting glass plate with a transparent conducting layer over its surface. Another construction is also disclosed in which the flapper and light shield are integrated onto the overhead electrode assembly while the attracting stationary counter electrode, select transistor, and retention capacitor are located on another integrated assembly. Finally, an L-shaped attracting electrode is used to lower voltages required to bend the flapper spring.

Electro-micro-mechanical shutters on transparent substrates
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April 27, 1995
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July 21, 1998
Eugene R Worley
G Donald Weber Jr
John M Baker
G02B 26/00
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