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The invention includes a four step process for automatically finding facial images of a human face in an electronically digitized image (for example, taken by a video-camera), and classifying the age of the person (associated with the face) into an age category. For example three age categories: a baby(up to approximately age 3), a junior person(above age 3 to approximately age forty), and a senior adult (over forty years old). Categories can be further subdivided whereas every three years could be a further age category. Step 1 of the process is to find facial features of the digital image encompassing the chin, sides of the face, virtual top of the head, eyes, mouth and nose of the image. Step 2 is to compute the facial feature ratios of the facial features ratios of the facial features found in Step 1. Step 3 is to compute a wrinkle analysis of the image. Step 4 is to combine the previous two steps to categorize age of the facial image. The invention can locate and detect facial images for age classification from digital camera images and computerized generated images. The invention can be practiced in areas such as population statistic gathering for patrons at entertainment/amusement parks, television viewer ratings. Furthermore, the invention has utility in automated security/surveillance systems, demographic studies, safety monitoring systems, computer human-interface operations and automated photography. The latter to allow for point and shoot focus on specific individuals as a function of their age classification.

Automatic feature detection and age classification of human faces in digital images
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August 28, 1997
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July 14, 1998
Young Kwon
Niels Lobo
Law Offices of Brian S Steinberger
Brian S Steinberger
University of Central Florida
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