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A computer network and a database are used to provide a hardware-independent, dynamic information system in which the information content is entirely user-controlled. Requests are received from individual users of the computer network to electronically publish information, and input is accepted from the individual users. Entries from the users containing the information to be electronically published are automatically collected, classified and stored in the database in searchable and retrievable form. Entries are made freely accessible on the computer network. In response to user requests, the database is searched and entries are retrieved. Entries are served to users in a hardware-independent page description language. The entries are password protected, allowing users to retrieve and update entries by supplying a correct password. Preferably, the process is entirely automated with any necessary billing being performed by secure, on-line credit card processing. The user making a database entry has complete control of that entry both at the time the entry is made and in the future after the entry has been made. The entry, when served to a client, is transformed on-the-fly to the page description language. Where the page description language is HTML and the computer network is the World Wide Web, the entry may function as a "mini" homepage for the user that made the entry. Provision is made for graphics and other kinds of content besides text, taking advantage of the content-rich nature of the Web.

Automated on-line information service and directory, particularly for the world wide web
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December 14, 1995
Publication Date
July 7, 1998
Christopher D Coley
Morgan Hill
Ralph E Wesinger Jr
San Jose
McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff
Network Engineering Software
G06K 17/20
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