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An electrified, artificial Christmas tree, which comprises both the artificial tree, composed of a stand and trunk with attachable branches, and various electrical components. The trunk portion of the tree is composed of a plurality of coupled sections which are joined together in a vertical orientation, and each of which has holes for branches to be inserted. The trunk pieces also have electrical sockets which are internally connected to the base of the trunk. The base of the trunk has attached to it another electrical socket and a master power cable. In use, the tree is assembled as any standard artificial tree, connecting trunk pieces together, and inserting into them branches of various sizes. Any conventional ornament or lighting fixture may be hung on these branches, and plugged into the trunk for power requirements. A stand at the base of the trunk provides stability, and internal circuit breakers provide assurance against fire. A line from the trunk is plugged into a powered electrical to provide power to the entire tree.

Electric Christmas tree
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April 11, 1997
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July 7, 1998
Esther Woolford
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