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A package for a disk product has an inner box formed with outer and inner surfaces spaced from each other for presenting a disk product. The outer surface is composed of substantially transparent material so that the disk product is visible through the outer surface. The box is formed with at least one hub on the inner surface with a free end extending toward the outer surface. The free end of the hub is constructed to pass through the center hole of the disk product. The hub is formed with a holding surface for holding a disk product suspended on the hub so that it does not contact the inner surface. An outer box encloses the inner box. The outer box is composed of material bearing printing and graphics and is formed with inner and outer surfaces. The outer surface of the outer box is formed with a window for visibility of the disk product through the window and outer surface of the inner box. The outer box may be formed with a frame around the window. The outer box may further comprise a bookflap and bookflap window. The outer box also houses documentation and accompanying literature which can also be visible through the outer box window and provides visual background. In an alternate embodiment the disk product is suspended between inner and outer blister packs over a backpiece. In that case the package can be hubless.

Floating disk product package with window visibility, secure containment, and increased graphic surface area
Application Number
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June 6, 1995
Publication Date
July 7, 1998
Jeffrey S Taplin
Thomas L Bohan
Chris A Caseiro
Daniel H Kane Jr
DeLorme Publishing Company
B65D 85/30
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