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An automated security credit checking system for checking a credit application for fraud before a credit card is issued. The credit checking system scans the credit application, and uses an optical character recognition program to check the application. The credit checking system helps determine whether the application is legible, and whether there is a discrepancy between the post mark and the mailing address. The credit checking system automatically determines whether the application is a corporate or individual application, and whether the application is one of numerous requests from the same person, employer, or address. The credit checking system also tracks the status of each application and the route each type of application has taken, whether it is a corporate application, a suspected fraudulent application, a verified fraudulent application, or a rejected application. This credit checking system checks on-line national fraud information sources, and fraud information that is compiled by the system and entered into system memory on a daily basis. A letter listing credit bureaus to contact for protection is generated and sent to any victim of fraud detected during daily credit checking. The automated credit checking system keeps a daily tally of the number of corporate applications received, the percentage of individual applications approved, the percentage of individual applications declined or rejected, and the percentage of individual applications that were detected as being fraudulent.

Credit approval system
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October 25, 1993
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June 30, 1998
Helen J Panzullo
E. 530 Scarp Dr., Millsboro, 19966
Regina D Keen
402 Wilson St., Laurel, 19956
Richard C Litman
G06F 17/60
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