05774357 is referenced by 437 patents and cites 62 patents.

A human interface device for a user, including a data transmission selector for selecting at least one of a plurality of simultaneously transmitted programs being responsive to an input; a program database containing information relating to at least one the plurality of programs, having an output; a graphical user interface for receiving user commands; and a controller for controlling the graphical user interface and the data transmission selector, the controller determining a user characteristic, receiving the output of the program database and presenting, based on the user characteristic and the program database, information relating to at least one of the plurality of programs on the graphic user interface in association with a command, the graphic user interface allowing the user to select the command and thereby authorize an operation in relation to the at least one of the plurality of programs. An objective user characteristic is detected based on one or more temporal-spatial user characteristics of the input, including a velocity component, an efficiency of input, an accuracy of input, an interruption of input and a high frequency component of the input signal.

Human factored interface incorporating adaptive pattern recognition based controller apparatus
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June 6, 1995
Publication Date
June 30, 1998
Linda I Hoffberg Borghesani
40 Jackson Dr., Acton, 01720
Steven M Hoffberg
29 Buckout Rd., West Harrison, 10604
Steven M Milde Hoffberg & Macklin Hoffberg
G05B 9/02
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