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A casino operating system is disclosed for controlling the flow of funds and monitoring gambling activities in a casino or a gaming establishment utilizing a network of computers, including a central computer and individual game computers. Each player receives an encoded betting card from the cashier. At the games, each player position is equipped with a control panel including a card reader into which the betting card is inserted. The control panel also includes an electronic screen and keyboard. From the control panel, the player may place a bet and perform all options available to the player in the particular game. The system records the hands dealt to each player and the winner, and credits or debits the player's betting card accordingly. In an alternative embodiment, the casino operating system allows the players to use chips to place bets instead of the above-described betting card. The chips are marked or encoded so that they can be counted once final bets have been placed to determine the amount of each player's bet. In games requiring the placement of bets in certain positions on the gaming table, each player may be provided with a betting marker used to indicate the position of his bets on the table, a touch-sensitive screen maybe used whereby bets are placed by touching the desired position on the screen, or a two-way remote control console for placing bets. The casino operating system is an open architecture system adaptable to accommodate the differing needs of each casino.

Open architecture casino operating system
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May 2, 1994
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June 23, 1998
John Franco Franchi
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