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A method and apparatus for developing an audible feedback in the form of a response signal to a tapping motion, a gesture or a series of taps or gestures on an electronic touch-sensitive computer input device which uses an electronic switch having no mechanical switch component. In particular, the present invention is beneficial for a touch-sensitive input device a touch-pad or stylus and tablet because it is difficult for the user to know whether a tapping motion is perceived by the device's sensing circuitry. The method is less than perfectly reliable because it is often difficult for the user to know whether sufficient pressure was applied to the touch-sensitive surface of the device, or whether contact was made for a sufficient amount of time. Consequently, the user must wait to see if the computer responds in the desired manner. If not, the user must repeat the motion. In order to overcome losing the benefit of an audible mechanical switch, the present invention provides an audible response signal which generates a sound for each individual tap or gesture only after the entire combination of taps or gestures is entered and a counter times out, after each individual tap or gesture, or a combination of the two methods. The apparatus of the present invention preferably includes a non-mechanical electronic touch- sensitive touch-pad or stylus and tablet, an associated processing device such as a computer, and a sound producing circuit coupled to the system.

Apparatus and method for audible feedback from input device
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November 13, 1995
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June 16, 1998
Anil Sabbavarapu
Salt Lake City
Arthur Griffin
Salt Lake City
George E Gerpheide
Salt Lake City
Thorpe North & Western
Cirque Corporation
G09G 3/02
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